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Sears Home Repair Complaint - Can't get HVAC Repaired!!!
Sears Home Repair Complaint

Sears Home Repair Complaint


Can't get HVAC Repaired!!!

I am writing to you in need of customer help. We have been through all the avenues Sears has provided and after 31 days of calls, cancelled service calls, no status on parts, and rude Sears people we still have no AC or heat now and still no end in sight.

This began on September 3rd when we noticed our AC was not blowing out cold air. We called Sears to get repair. We were scheduled four times for service 9/6 (no show, excuse was rain), 9/10 (no show, excuse tech called in sick) 9/12 (no show, excuse scheduled for 10/12 by mistake) and 9/15 when the tech finally showed up. We were never called by Sears to be informed of any cancellation and had to call myself each time to find out why no one showed up for our repair. Each time I called they tried to push my appointment out one week and when I complained I was told I wasn’t a priority or that I needed to wait behind others who had made appointments. I was livid and pointed out I had made appointments and Sears had cancelled them not me. It took 4 attempts and 4 cancelled appointments all cancelled by Sears to finally get a tech to our house on September 15 (12 days after the unit went out). When the service tech finally did show up on 9/15 we were told that the compressor had blown and the part would be ordered. The tech ordered the part and set us up for 9/26 to replace the compressor. On 9/16, I was contacted by Quentin Pearson from the Executive Offices and he set a case up for us and told me he would now be my contact and would do whatever he could to get this solved (Case #3782405). Mr. Pearson informed me that he would call me on 9/21 because the part was scheduled to be in on 9/20 to let me know the status of the part. He never called. On 9/26, the day the tech had scheduled me for replacement of the compressor, the tech once again never showed up and again I had to call to find out why and was told that the tech had a family emergency and they would have to reschedule me again. When I explained the situation to him and how upset we were, he looked into my file and told me it looked like the part had been shipped (ordered 9/15, confirmed order 9/16 and shipped on 9/24) so he asked if the compressor had arrived at my house which it had not. This was the first that I even knew that the part ordered was suppose to be sent to our home but we had not received it. So he scheduled me for service for the next day 9/27 (they did not show up, excuse the part had not arrived) and told me I would need to speak with Mr. Pearson who he transferred me to. Mr. Pearson didn’t even know that the part had supposedly been shipped and said he would research it and get back to me. He did not. Once again I left several messages for Mr. Pearson which were all unanswered so I called the 800 number from his message and they connected me to Mr. Pearson who told me he had researched it and that they was no status on the part ordered and they needed to make sure the part had even been ordered (which should have been done 11 days before) and there was a possibility the part may no longer be available to order. The last fact is interesting since Sears only installed this unit a little over two years ago. He said he would have to reach out to his home improvement office to find out why and would call me back the next day to give me the status. He did not. After two days I called and left once again several messages for Mr. Pearson with no response so once again I called the 800 number and was told that Mr. Pearson was out sick and that NO ONE ELSE could help me because Mr. Pearson was in contact with home improvements by email. I called back on Friday (9/30) and left more messages for Mr. Pearson and once again called the 800 number and talked with Crystal who also informed me I needed to talk with Mr. Pearson, but she was able to look into our file and told me that it looked like the part was supposedly available on Monday (10/3) and she wanted to know if I had been contacted for service, which I told her no. I asked who the part was available to? the manufacturer? Sears tech? shipping to me? She said I would need to wait and speak with Mr. Pearson as to that status. I finally reached Mr. Pearson at 4:00 in the afternoon after I had left several messages again for him all unanswered and again had to go through the 800 number and someone connected us together to be told once again by Mr. Pearson that he had to reach out to the home improvement department that as far as he knew they were still researching the problem and he would need to find out from them if the part was available 10/3 and to whom. He told me he will once again reach out to the home improvements department and would call me back either by close of business Friday or Saturday (because he was coming in to work) once he got a response and could update me on the status of the part. He also informed me that if the part cannot be ordered that the next choice would be to replace the unit. I of course got no calls from Mr. Pearson Friday afternoon or Saturday. I began calling at 11am yesterday and left messages at 11am, 12:30pm and 3:30pm for Mr. Pearson which went unanswered and then once again called the 800 number and was told they would make sure Mr. Pearson called me back. He called at 4:10 pm at which time he told me he would again have to reach out to the home improvement office. Which is the same thing he told me on 9/27 and 9/30. He said they were still researching and waiting for answers from the manufacturer. I find it hard to believe that it takes 2 weeks to research this. And still no end in sight. When I became irrate with Mr. Pearson he told me he could close the case if I wanted him to. That he was doing all he could do. We left the conversation with he will get back with me when he gets an answer which he could not tell me how long that would be. So once again we are expected to just wait and wait and wait to have this unit repaired. I was livid and asked to speak to someone above him and he said there was no one. I asked to speak with you (I had found your name in my own research) and Mr. Pearson told me no… that you do not speak to customers and again told me he could close out my case if I didn’t want him to be my case worker.

At this point we are at a loss for what to do or who to talk to. No one can tell us anything about the status of the part, when it can be repaired or if the part will ever show up. It is unacceptable to us to have had to wait 32 days, to be cancelled on numerous time, to be told we are not a priority, that we have to wait our turn for appointments, that the status of the part is still being researched, etc. etc. First no AC and now no heat. I am living in a house that is 65 degrees because it has now turned cold and no one can tell me when this unit will be fixed.

I am reaching out to you in hopes that you can solve this problem. I am faxing this letter to you because I seem to have no other way to reach out to you for help. I have no faith that Mr. Pearson will call me back at anytime or that the home improvements office is researching the part. If we can’t get the part then my contract states the unit will be replaced. I feel now like the unit should just be replaced. It is apparent to us that the part is not available and we should not have to wait another 30 days for a part to be available or however long Sears decides to research it.


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SearsCares says: (7 years ago)
To tbonz69,

My name is James and I’m part of the Sears Cares Escalations team. I am so sorry for the terrible service that you've received from Sears Home Service. I looked at your case and see that you spoke with Quinton this afternoon. I see that he does have a reminder set to call you on October 7th after your service on the 6th. I certainly hope everything with your air conditioner is resolved soon. We value you as a customer and if you have an issue in the future or are having issues getting a hold of your case manager, we can help with that. Simply contact my office via email at smsupport@searshc.com. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the repair is scheduled under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your screen name (tbonz69) for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,
James H.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

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